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New Game!

New Game, animated by the studio Doga Kobo and based on a manga/ novel by Shōtarō Tokunō is a comedy anime about a girl graduating from school and getting a job with Eagle Jump, a gaming company, as a character designer. It's a cutesy romp with plenty of interesting moments, a vibrant art style and characters that are actually interesting despite their clichés but we'll look at that later.Aoba, the main character, is the responsible and hardworking newbie giving her all to the job and trying to fit in. She joins a group of character designers who worked on her favourite childhood...



Stories about delusions are commonplace in Manga and anime these days. Aura is a feature length movie about a boy who is trying to escape his particular fantasy. It's a heartwarming tale about a boy meeting a girl with a lot of drama and some very emotional scenes. With a stellar soundtrack and solid visuals, it's presentation alone makes it a good watch. I didn't know anything going into the movie but it seems to have garnered a reasonably solid following and a roughly 7-8 score across the board.When the movie began I couldn't tell what it was about but it quickly gets the narrative...


Resident Evil 7 Demo

At E3 Capcom announced Resident Evil 7. It makes a drastic change in its direction pushing the franchise into first-person, focussing on puzzles and, in the demo at least, provides the player with lots of options. It's a mostly welcome change to see them focussing on the horror element instead of the action like the last three games.The demo provides an experience that is representative of the final game but it has been confirmed that, like P.T., this is a segment that won't appear in the end product. It follows a team of three men as they investigate a "Haunted House" as part of a TV...


E3 2016

So E3's "big" shows are now over and some very interesting games have been announced and new gameplay revealed. So here are my favourites, in no particular order:Resident Evil/ Biohazard VII Resident Evil 7 surprised me a lot! Capcom is coming from a wildly different angle here. The first person survival horror game with VR support is not what I expected but it is definitely not unwelcome. I love that Capcom doesn't give up on trying new things. This is so very P.T. almost like a taunt at Konami for being unable to make that game. I also...


Senran Kagura: Burst

When you looked at the Nintendo 3ds did you think: "This could do with some Boobs!" No? Good.That, however, didn’t stop one Japanese developer! Yes, as some of you may have guessed, I’m talking about Senran Kagura (well it is, the title of the page). Senran Kagura was released in the UK in 2013 and um… had an interesting ad campaign that made me wonder why it even existed. Due to the curiosity I ended up pre-ordering it. Now it’s certainly made as a game that appeals to the few rather than the many, after all who wants a box like that on their shelf? (I cunningly left it out of...


Castlevania Part 1

The Castlevania games for the DS and GBA are some of my favourite games ever!If you don’t know what Castlevania is… Well… Castlevania is a series that’s been running since 1986. It began as a platformer on the FDS or the Famicom Disc System in Japan created by ‘Konami’. The graphics and animations were good and the game sported an almost unforgivable difficulty spike. It was fairly well received and was released in Europe and North America the following year for the NES. It has gone on to spawn a large set of games that are renowned for their gothic horror, level design and hard...


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