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Fable Part 1

Fable is an interesting game series. I have loved it so far and now with Molyneux gone we can hope the series goes upward from here!I got my love for Fable when I bought Lost Chapters for the Original Xbox, I was utterly blown away by it as I’d never played anything like it before. I can’t wait till I have enough money to get Anniversary as it looks ace! Now I am going to write solely about the original Fable (and Lost Chapters) in this retrospective. Followed by a new article for each sequel. The first thing I’d like to say about Fable is that it’s a beautiful game (showing...


Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is the newest addition to the incredible series of main Rayman games. This acts as a direct sequel to Rayman Origins, another fantastic 2d side-scrolling platform game.Rayman Legends had some trouble before it’s release. It started as a WiiU exclusive game with features built specifically for Nintendo’s new game pad, it was getting along well and was going to be released on schedule when suddenly one of the higher up people in Ubisoft decided it was no longer console exclusive and it was to be delayed until it was available on every platform. This meant the games...


Corpse Party

Corpse party is a series of Japanese horror games by “Gindhouse games” formerly “team gris gris”. A series I bought on a whim and instantly loved. It’s dark, horrible and utterly contemptible at times but it’s also charming in a weird masochistic kind of way.Corpse Party only recently made it through to the UK officially translated to English. Published by X-Seed games. Two games in the series, including the original and it’s follow on game “Book of Shadows”, are available through the PSN store for PSP. The story in Corpse Party consists mainly of a group of high school...


Wind Waker

Wind Waker was the game that swayed me towards a Nintedo Gamecube and more recently, to get a WiiU. I honestly love it and it’s my favourite Zelda game, far dwarfing my love for Ocarina of Time.I remember when it split the fans; some loathed the new graphical style and others loved it. I was one of the many who loved the colourful cel-shaded character designs. The game will always look fantastic. It’s colourful, cutesy yet expressive, crisp and bold, from Link’s tunic to Ghoma’s fire breath everything is rendered beautifully. This is, in most cases, emphasised hugely in the HD...


Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill is one of my favourite game series. I’ve followed it closely through it’s various ups and downs, bar the vita game and Downpour (I don’t not like them I just haven’t bought them yet). I really like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP but my favourite memories span from Silent Hill 2.James Sunderland travels to the lakeside town of Silent Hill after receiving an invitation from his dead wife Mary. After a short and intriguingly moving beginning monologue the game plunges you into the fog and sets you on the path to James’s very own...


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