At E3 Capcom announced Resident Evil 7. It makes a drastic change in its direction pushing the franchise into first-person, focussing on puzzles and, in the demo at least, provides the player with lots of options. It's a mostly welcome change to see them focussing on the horror element instead of the action like the last three games.

The demo provides an experience that is representative of the final game but it has been confirmed that, like P.T., this is a segment that won't appear in the end product. It follows a team of three men as they investigate a "Haunted House" as part of a TV show and things go wrong fast. The presentation is great. Capcom pulled out all the stops with their new "RE Engine"; screen filters, characters, environments, sound and a whole variety of smooth, realistic animation provides an unforgettable feeling of atmosphere.

The first person gameplay will feel familiar to fans of games like Outlast and Aliens Isolation. In the demo, there is no fighting but there is a focus on puzzle solving to move the game forwards. It is imperative to find the video tapes as they point towards objectives which helped give it an old style Resident Evil feeling. It looks like the new game will have intricate key puzzles which defined the genre that Resident Evil introduced us all to. You also can't fight in the demo, not that there is a reason to, but it is confirmed that in the final game we will be able to defend ourselves. Overall it's giving me a mix of Resident Evil 1 and Condemned vibes.

There are multiple endings in the game dependent on what you decide to do within the house. I've got one so far and intend to find the others as soon as I can. It's this kind of organic decision making that made the original games so fun. Resident Evil 1 had multiple endings for both Chris and Jill that depended on the decisions made and which characters were still alive at the final boss fight.


I am looking forward to this more and more with each tidbit of information that surfaces! The new setting, the slower pacing, the new viewpoint and graphics, the new characters and the fact that they are encountering a threat that's new to them... Overall it's seeming like a fantastic move from Capcom. I'm so glad they don't get put off making changes despite fan reactions, it really helps keep the series alive and interesting!