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Taking a walk through the doomed Ishimura has lost none of its lustre! Join me as we tackle the horror of Dead Space!

Welcome to my first ever stream series! This October seemed like a prime to time get started and why not begin with one of my favourite games of all time. Resident Evil 4

Join the Gallian forces as they try to survive the war! Valkyria Chroicles remains as one of SEGA’s best titles of the PS3 era.

Time to take a short trip through Chinese mythology based Eastern Exorcist! A highly polished little 2D action Gem!

This is the archival playlist featuring one off twitch stream games. These are games that were too short or that I could only get a little content from such as Streets of Kamurocho, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Why Twitch Streams?

I’ve always enjoyed making video content. Whether it was me and some friends making Let’s Plays or producing professional videos for work I’ve always found it to be a fascinating art.

Streaming seems like a good avenue to enjoy this hobby but with audience participation! Please join me for some fun and chill video gaming!

My repertoire of games will mostly be survival horror but that should be obvious with Silent Hill and Resident Evil being so high on my favourite games!

I stream mainly from the PC but also direct from my PlayStation 5! so expect plenty of new and old games from across the gaming world and history.

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