Squidgybuffalo is my online persona. The history of the name is quite simple but maybe a little unexpected.

Welcome! This is the new home of my content! You can call me Sandy. I am the person behind Squidgybuffalo.

What is Squidgybuffalo, where did it come from?

Squidgybuffalo is my online persona. The history of the name is quite simple but maybe a little unexpected. Back when I got my hands on an Xbox 360 I was creating a username for Xbox Live and I was aiming for something along the lines of “Bear” which was my nickname at school. When that came up as unavailable I looked at the suggestions and tried “BearMan” instead, this was also gone already. It was then that Microsoft in all its wisdom suggested “Squidgybuffalo” and frankly. I loved it. Without looking back I picked it and thus Squidgybuffalo is my name!

Wait they called you bear?

Yup! As it turns out I was one of the first in my school year to start growing face fluff and by the last year I had a very thick chinstrap beard.

So what can I, Squidgybuffalo, offer you?

I am quite simply a massive video game nerd! I want to share my experiences with games, anime and all sorts right here on this blog as well as through Twitch, YouTube and whatever other services come our way as time marches onward.

Do you have any other creative outlets?

Indeed I do! I was lucky enough to land a position on the team at Cubed3 as a writer and most recently in 2020 as one of their Social Media and Community Managers. With around 100 reviews and counting, on their website, I feel I’m making some good progress with writing and learning the technical makeup of games as well as how companies are managed and promoted. It’s a chill and fun way to pursue my hobby as more of a jobby. Take a look at my profile to read some nice critical reviews.

What about more personal information?

I guess this is the right place for this info! I’m in my late 20’s and I work as a Content Management Administrator, Web Designer/ Developer and as the aforementioned Soc. Media Manager. I’m based in the UK but with the current state of things, I’m thinking of moving somewhere else. More specifically I’m based in Scotland, which is such a wonderful place to explore and live in. I’ve been to university and have two Bachelor’s degrees from different institutions and to this day I’ve held two jobs, my current position lasting 5 years and still going.

I had the misfortune of balding early so I’ve looked about 34 years old for several years. I’m quite a motivated person but I burn out super easily meaning some days are a struggle but hey this is the only place you’ll see this confession, Ha. Recently during the Covid lockdown, I managed to finally fight off my extra weight down from 14 stone 8 pounds to 11 stone 6 pounds, so I’m pretty proud of that!

Most importantly during the month of August 2020, I married the love of my life! It was a fantastic day, we had the ceremony at a local Japanese garden.

How about something less personal and more like, hobbies?

Ah, oops guess I went in a bit deep there! My primary hobby and interest is video games and everything to do with them from their tech to just chilling with friends over some Worms battles. My fave series are Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry. I’ve also dabbled in conventions and cosplay, my wife is good at costuming, me not so much. I’m also a violin player, though just an amateur. I love sports and hiking. A large part of my love is taken by art, I love drawing but I’m kind of terrible at it. Eh, that’s about it, to be honest!


Thanks very much if you read this far! I hope you enjoy some of my content as I build it up on this WordPress blog. (Soon to be a custom website again but I needed a platform fast) See you in the comments!

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